VERB /muːv/

To go from one place to another. To change the place or position. To set in motion. To cause, to act. Make progress.


We are making a Big Move. From a city boutique hotel to a vibrant space for the curious-minded to cross paths apart from taking a city break – we are evolving into a community-driven living space that provides experiences beyond the ordinary city break.

Life is a moving, breathing thing. We make life changes big or small such as moving across the city, employing a belief different from what our family values, we make decisions no longer with approvals but because they feel right, we refuse to be stagnant or dull because that state of life calls out for breakthroughs which often require new ways. Our hearts begin to expand beyond our own needs cause us to act and grow.

People have never felt a greater need for personal discovery and exploration. We are inspired by the multitude of shifts we witness in our own personal lives and the lives around us. At MOV, we are willing to evolve and grow because change shouldn’t wait, and neither should we. Each visit to MOV is a stride forward.

Let’s build a place that is less judging, and more wondering!

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
Keep moving.

MOV Hotel

What MOVs Us?

Core Values That We Live By

Our Minds are Curious

Curiosity drives lifelong growth – we understand that at most times people are works-in-progress, and we encourage minds to be open and to learn from failures and mistakes.

Our Spirit is Playful

Everything here is done with a spirit of fun. We never take life too seriously – there’s always time to play a game, sing a tune, chat up a stranger, or kickback and drink.

Keep Moving

We are the sum of our experiences – the more we throw ourselves into the motion, the more we evolve. Thus, we invest in our culture and community to explore ideas and try something new everyday.

Thoughtful Design

Every corner, a masterpiece of thoughtful design, weaving charm and functionality into the fabric of our hotel’s interior.

Cultural Partnerships

Our cultural partnerships with KL Free Walk, Mike Bikes, The KL Society, The Network of Bukit Bintang Communities, and Majie Cafe work together to preserve the enchanting tales of diverse traditions, captivating guests with immersive experiences that celebrate unity, artistry, and the essence of our surroundings.

MOV Hotel is situated along Jalan Berangan – which translates to the Street of Dreams. It is one of Kuala Lumpur’s most historically-rich place, with many stories yet to be told. To bring out the best of its wonderful heritage, we are partnered with Unscripted KL, Mike Bikes, and the KL Society in an effort to preserve the old stories of Jalan Berangan as its neighbourhood in Bukit Bintang continues evolving into a bustling city.

Where Local Businesses Make Their Mark

As a community-focused hotel, we have hosted events for various businesses to gain exposure while adding value for our treasured guests.